I love to hear from other gardeners and fellow wild plant lovers, so please do leave me a message.


I am available for garden design consultancy from September 2016. My rates are £400-£500 per day, or £50 per hour.


Sometimes a full design service isn’t necessary. In these cases I can offer the following:

  • Border revamp: designing a planting scheme for a border or a set of borders that are in need of new colour and interest. If you like the planting plan I can order the plants for you and plant them for you. Because I have good relationships with many wholesale plant nurseries, this work often ends up being very cost-effective for the client.
  • Maintenance schedules: For new borders and gardens or for recently inherited ones.
  • New planting beds: Designing a scheme for a small area (less than 10sqm) that doesn’t need a survey or a “Master plan” but does need an edited planting plan and palette.
  • Horticultural advice: I am available for consultation and advice: What can grow in a dark spot? Or, can I have a wildflower meadow?


The garden will be open to the public soon. Please “follow” this website to keep abreast of these dates.

Jo x